It was held in Orlando which is just a few miles from there. After having my local dealer try and tune my bike twice to no avail, I now have something that runs as designed. everyone there was pretty damned impressed. They have a beefy aggressive look about them that adds ruggedness to the refined appearance of the CVO Ultra. Jenna slowly caresses Alina s body, and after an awkward silence, they start to kiss and rub each other more passionately. SAE numbers worked out to 84 HP/94 Lbs Torque, STD 86/96 respectively.

I definitely notice the power difference, but what I really like is the throttle response. ” LONG STORY SHORT à It runs like a scalded dog, no more pre-ignition issues, more power than I’ve ever had, it runs cooler and he identified that the clutch was bad (HD dealer replaced on their nickel). I changd the oil over the weekend and took her out for a couple of hours. maps are maps and a detailed tune is in another class if you have the cash. Plenty of power, and very very smooth happy motor. His dyno had already told him everything he needed to know.

The parts arrived in 2 shipments as I had to wait for the headpipes because they were on back order - but I still only waited a week for all of the parts to arrive instant web cams no sign ups. Well the proof is in the saddle and I am happy as they come. After getting into my bike he noticed the werent functioning properly so he replaced them as well as my head breathers..
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